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OIG Outlook 2013 Videos


Don't have the time available to watch the entire OIG Outlook 2013 in one sitting? Or, are you looking for a shorter OIG Outlook 2013 video for a presentation or educational session in your organization? The entire program has been broken down into the 4-to-6 minute videos on this webpage so you can watch them as your schedule permits.

These videos are available in audio-only format.

Introduction from the Inspector General

Principal Deputy IG, Larry Goldberg

Deputy IG for Audit Services, Gloria Jarmon

Deputy IG for Evaluation and Inspections, Stuart Wright

Deputy IG for Investigations, Gary Cantrell

Chief Counsel to the IG, Gregory E. Demske

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Give Us Feedback

After watching the videos, we hope you'll fill out our quick and simple Feedback Form. We are collecting information to help us develop future educational materials. The form does not ask for personal information, and we kindly request that you not provide us with any. We will not be responding to requests for information through this form - although the anonymous opinions provided will greatly help us in our future efforts.

Additional Information

The half-hour program will remain on the site indefinitely. OIG Outlook 2013 is not copyrighted; however, OIG does not have the resources to produce or distribute DVDs of this program. Because of your organization's unique security requirements and software capabilities OIG cannot recommend the best way to access and download the videos. Please contact your IT department to help access and download the videos from YouTube.


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