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Protecting the Health and Safety of HHS Beneficiaries

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HHS programs provide critical services to diverse populations across a broad range of settings, including hospitals, child care facilities, and beneficiaries' own homes. Some services are directly provided by HHS personnel, some delivered via HHS grant programs, and others rendered by professionals of the beneficiary's choosing, who then claim reimbursement from Federal programs. Services include health care, education, child care, and even physical custody for select populations. Ensuring that intended beneficiaries receive appropriate services that meet standards for quality, are free from abuse or neglect, and are not exposed to infectious agents represents a major challenge for the Department. As the Department supports the current race to develop treatments for and immunizations to protect against COVID-19, there will be challenges to ensure equitable distribution of risks and benefits of participation in clinical trials, as well as access to and safety and efficacy of immunizations and treatments.

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