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LEIE Downloadable Databases

Download the LEIE Database

Instructions and information About the LEIE Files.

FlagNOTICE: New File Format

In November 2015, OIG began a 3-month transition to a new downloadable file type. We are extending the transition period two months. Please read the updated information below.

FlagUpdated Information (02-10-2016)

Thank you for providing feedback on your experience with the new file type. We discovered that some users are experiencing an issue with 2-digit birth-year formatting. To resolve this issue we are extending the transition two months as we update the system to export a 4-digit birth year. With the March update, we will offer the CSV file with a 4-digit birth year, and users will have one month to test the file.

How to Download the CSV File

  • Right-click the file link.
  • If you use Internet Explorer: choose "Save target as..."
  • If you use Firefox: choose "Save link as..."
  • Choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the file.
  • You may also see below for more instructions.

Additional Information

OIG has been offering supplemental files in DBF format, contained within self-extracting/compressed files (EXE and ZIP). OIG is in the process of phasing out the DBF file types to offer raw data in comma-separated value (CSV) format. All fields and data within the files remain the same. The new CSV format will be replacing the previous formats.

We will eliminate the DBF, EXE, and ZIP files in April 2016. With the March update, we will offer the CSV file with a 4-digit birth year, and users will have one month to test the file.

While the DBF files are still available, we strongly recommend downloading the CSV file and testing it in your software environment. Please report any issues to the following email address which has been set up specifically to receive feedback about your experience: Please note that while we are reading these emails to improve our system, we are unable to respond. However, we are posting answers to frequently asked questions.

UPDATED 02-10-2016

LEIE Database

  • 01-2016 Updated LEIE Database: EXE | ZIP

    Flag New File Format: CSV

Current Monthly Supplements

Profile Updates

Current Record Layout


Save the desired file type to your computer. You may open the file in a database program such as Microsoft Access, a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, or whichever software you use per normal. Refer to your software's help file for instructions on using the files. If your software is custom-built, please refer to your IT administrators for assistance.

Try this troubleshooting suggestion if you receive an error message.

About the Updated LEIE
The updated LEIE is a complete database containing all exclusions currently in effect.
Individuals and entities who have been reinstated are not included in this file.
This file is replaced with an updated version each month.
This file is complete and should not be used in conjunction with the monthly exclusion and reinstatement supplements.
About Monthly Supplements
The Monthly Supplement file contains only the Reinstatements for one month or the Exclusions for one month, as indicated by the file name.
Profile Updates
This file contains changes made to the excluded individual or entity's profile, such as a change of address, etc.
This file should NOT be used to verify exclusion.
Record Layout
This document shows the different fields contained within the LEIE Downloadable Database and how many characters are in each field.

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