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LEIE CSV File Questions

Why are you using a CSV instead of a ZIP or EXE file?
CSV stands for "comma-separated value." It is a plain-text file that will work with many different types of software, and we transitioned to using it in summer 2016. We no longer offer EXE or ZIP files for a number of technical reasons. For example, as Internet bandwidth capabilities have increased and the text files are relatively small there is no need to compress them to ZIP files. Previously posted .DBF/.EXE/.ZIP file are still available in the monthly archives.
I am not sure how to work with a CSV file. Can you help?
Most users typically import the data into specific software, such as Excel or a custom-built application, and then use the features within that application to work with the data. We recommend reaching out to your IT Department for specific advice on how to work with a CSV file and the software your company has made available to you.
I use your file with custom software my company created/owns. The CSV file isn't working and/or isn't compatible. Can you fix it?
We recommend reaching out to your IT Department to discuss how a CSV file works with your software. The CSV format is commonly recognized as an acceptable method to share data when many customers are using different software programs, some of which may be proprietary or custom-built for a specific company. OIG is unable to provide technical support for users' software.
The Excel file downloads with XXXXXX in the birthdate? Please fix.
If you are viewing the data in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and see XXXXXX in the DOB or any other column, you simply need to widen the column so the date has enough room to display its formatted numbers.
I downloaded the CSV file and opened it in Excel. I noticed that zip codes that begin with zero are missing those zeros and appear as three- or four- digit numbers. Can you fix this?
This is a formatting issue with Excel. To fix it, you'll need to format the Zip Code column so that Excel recognizes it as a zip code instead of a general number. To do this, take the following steps:
  1. Open the CSV file in Excel.
  2. Highlight the Zip Code column.
  3. Right click then choose Format Cells from the menu that appears.
  4. In the Number tab, choose Special.
  5. Select Zip Code.
These steps may vary slightly depending on what version of Excel you are using.
Is there a way for me to just type in one or two names and search instead of downloading the entire database?
Yes, please visit our online search at
Are there plans to put a public API on the LEIE database?
No, there are no plans for a public API.
There is a problem with my entry in the LEIE. Please fix this.
If you have an issue with a specific entry in the database, such as errors in the records, etc., please send your email to
How can I sign up to receive emails about changes or updates to the LEIE?
You can sign up for our LEIE newsletter from our homepage; or the direct link is

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