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Medicare Improperly Paid Physicians an Estimated $30 Million for Spinal Facet-Joint Interventions A-09-22-03006
The District of Columbia Has Taken Significant Steps To Ensure Accountability Over Amounts Managed Care Organizations Paid to Pharmacy Benefit Managers A-03-20-00200
Medicare Advantage Compliance Audit of Specific Diagnosis Codes That Geisinger Health Plan (Contract H3954) Submitted to CMS A-09-21-03011
Georgia Did Not Comply With Federal Waiver and State Requirements at All 20 Adult Day Health Care Facilities Reviewed A-04-22-00134
IG Grimm RISE Conference Speech - OIG’s Vantage on Medicare Advantage
Updated: Work Plan
Georgia Did Not Always Invoice Rebates to Manufacturers for Pharmacy and Physician-Administered Drugs A-04-21-08089
Some Skin Substitute Manufacturers Did Not Comply with New ASP Reporting Requirements OEI-BL-23-00010
FY 2024 Congressional Budget Justification
Medicare Improperly Paid Physicians for Epidural Steroid Injection Sessions A-07-21-00618
Michigan MMIS and E&E Systems Security Controls Were Generally Effective, but Some Improvements Are Needed A-18-20-08004
OIG’s COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Flexibilities End on May 11, 2023 Upon Expiration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration
Medicaid Fraud Control Units Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report  OEI-09-23-00190
LEIE Database Updated with February 2023 Exclusions and Reinstatements
Findings of Whistleblower Retaliation by Army and Contractor Jacobs Technologies Management Officials
Florida Did Not Invoice Manufacturers for Some Rebates for Physician-Administered Drugs Dispensed to Enrollees of Medicaid Managed-Care Organizations A-04-21-07098
Women's History Month: The Legacy of IG June Gibbs-Brown
State Agencies Did Not Always Ensure That Children Missing From Foster Care Were Reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Accordance With Federal Requirements A-07-21-06102
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
The Inability To Identify Denied Claims in Medicare Advantage Hinders Fraud Oversight OEI-03-21-00380
Medicare Part D Plan Sponsors and CMS Did Not Ensure That Transmucosal Immediate-Release Fentanyl Drugs Were Dispensed Only to Beneficiaries Who Had a Cancer Diagnosis A-09-20-03033
Medicare Could Have Saved up to $216 Million Over 5 Years if Program Safeguards Had Prevented At-Risk Payments for Definitive Drug Testing Services A-09-21-03006


Updated List: High Risk - Heightened Scrutiny
Advisory Opinion 23-02 (Regarding a program to provide a drug for free, for a limited time, to patients who experience a delay in their insurance approval process for the drug.)
Missouri Claimed Federal Medicaid Reimbursement for Tens of Millions in Consumer-Directed Personal Care Assistance Services That Did Not Comply With Federal and State Requirements A-07-20-03243
Fraud Alert: Scammers Steal Money From the Public Through Fake HHS Websites and Social Media Schemes
Florida Made Capitation Payments for Enrollees Who Were Concurrently Enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Program in Another State A-05-21-00028
The Health Resources and Services Administration Should Improve Preventive and Detective Controls To More Effectively Mitigate the Risk of Compromise A-18-20-08200
Advisory Opinion 23-01 (Regarding financial assistance for transportation, lodging, and meals provided by a drug manufacturer to financially needy pediatric patients and their caregiver(s) in connection with treatment with the manufacturer’s drug.)
Employee Profile: Jasmyn Ferbish
Updated: Work Plan
Comparison of Average Sales Prices and Average Manufacturer Prices: Results for the Third Quarter of 2022 OEI-03-23-00080
Updated: Fraud Self-Disclosures
Michigan Did Not Comply With Requirements for Documenting Psychotropic and Opioid Medications Prescribed for Children in Foster Care A-05-21-00030
Updated: Civil Monetary Penalties and Affirmative Exclusions
LEIE Database Updated with January 2023 Exclusions and Reinstatements
North Carolina Did Not Always Invoice Rebates to Manufacturers for Physician-Administered Drugs A-07-21-07002
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
Technical Assistance Brief: Implementation of Inflation-Indexed Rebates for Part B Drugs OEI-BL-23-00170


Early Challenges Highlight Areas for Improvement in COVID-19 Vaccination Programs OEI-04-21-00190
Challenges With Vaccination Data Hinder State and Local Immunization Program Efforts To Combat COVID-19 OEI-05-22-00010
Updated: Fraud Risk Indicator
Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc., Did Not Manage Its Head Start Awards in Accordance With Federal and State Requirements A-02-19-02008
Operation Nightingale Enforcement Action
The National Institutes of Health and EcoHealth Alliance Did Not Effectively Monitor Awards and Subawards, Resulting in Missed Opportunities to Oversee Research and Other Deficiencies A-05-21-00025
Employee Profile: Abbi Warmker
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
Independent Attestation Review: National Institutes of Health Fiscal Year 2022 Detailed Accounting Submission and Budget Formulation Compliance Report for National Drug Control Activities, and Accompanying Required Assertions A-03-23-00351
Independent Attestation Review: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fiscal Year 2022 Detailed Accounting Submission and Budget Formulation Compliance Report for National Drug Control Activities and Accompanying Required Assertions A-03-23-00352
Independent Attestation Review: Food and Drug Administration Fiscal Year 2022 Detailed Accounting Submission and Budget Formulation Compliance Report for National Drug Control Activities and Accompanying Required Assertions A-03-23-00353
More Than a Thousand Nursing Homes Reached Infection Rates of 75 Percent or More in the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic; Better Protections Are Needed for Future Emergencies OEI-02-20-00491
ASPR Could Improve Its Oversight of the Hospital Preparedness Program To Ensure That Crisis Standards of Care Comply With Federal Nondiscrimination Laws A-01-21-01502
Updated: Work Plan
Updated List: High Risk - Heightened Scrutiny
FDA Should Improve Its Management of Contracts for the Acquisition of Information Technology A-18-21-11100
New Interactive: Recommendations Tracker
Updated: Fraud Self-Disclosures
LEIE Database Updated with December 2022 Exclusions and Reinstatements
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
WANTED: Fugitive Khalid A. Satary
National Government Services, Inc., Understated Its Plan A Medicare Segment Pension Assets and Overstated Medicare's Share of the Medicare Segment Excess Pension Liabilities as of December 31, 2018 A-07-22-00620
National Government Services, Inc., Overstated Its Plan B Medicare Segment Pension Assets and Overstated Medicare's Share of the Medicare Segment Excess Pension Assets as of December 31, 2018 A-07-22-00621
National Government Services, Inc., Overstated Its United Government Services, LLC, Medicare Segment Pension Assets and Understated Medicare's Share of the Medicare Segment Excess Pension Liabilities as of December 31, 2018 A-07-22-00622
National Government Services, Inc., Claimed Some Unallowable Medicare Pension Costs Through Its Incurred Cost Proposals A-07-22-00623
Illinois Generally Complied With Requirements for Claiming Medicaid Reimbursement for Telehealth Payments During COVID-19 A-05-21-00035
The Municipality of Manati Did Not Always Manage Its Head Start Disaster Assistance Awards in Accordance With Federal And Commonwealth Requirements A-04-20-02032
Letter to Office of Management and Budget Director to Meet Requirements of Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 Regarding Agency Progress Implementing Recommendations on Charge-Card-Related Findings A-04-22-06265
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
Updated: Corporate Integrity Agreements
Manufacturers May Need Additional Guidance To Ensure Consistent Average Sales Price Calculations OEI-BL-21-00330
CMS Should Bolster Its Oversight of Manufacturer-Submitted Average Sales Price Data To Ensure Accurate Part B Drug Payments OEI-03-21-00390