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Indian Health and Human Services

HHS, through its operating divisions, carries out health and human services programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs).

The Indian Health Service (IHS), which has an approximately $7 billion budget, provides or funds a wide range of clinical, public health, and community services to approximately 2.6 million AIANs who are members of the 574 federally recognized Tribes located in 37 States. Tribally run facilities typically serve as Medicare or Medicaid providers for eligible AI/ANs, as does the IHS. Other HHS agencies award grants for Tribal human services programs ranging from Head Start to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

OIG provides oversight—through audits, evaluations, and investigations—of all HHS Federal health care programs and grant programs that serve AI/ANs, including the Sanitation Facilities Construction Program, which provides AI/AN homes and communities with essential water supply, sewage disposal, and solid waste disposal facilities. We are committed to helping protect the HHS programs in Indian Country from fraud, waste, and abuse so that Tribal beneficiaries receive the health and human services that are so important to their well-being.