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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH Document Archive


The National Institutes of Health Has Limited Policies, Procedures, and Controls in Place for Helping To Ensure That Institutions Report All Sources of Research Support, Financial Interests, and Affiliations (A-03-19-03003)
The National Institutes of Health Administered Superfund Appropriations During Fiscal Year 2017 in Accordance With Federal Requirements  (A-04-19-04071)
The National Institutes of Health Administered Superfund Appropriations During Fiscal Year 2016 in Accordance With Federal Requirements (A-04-18-04065)
The National Institutes of Health Could Improve Its Monitoring To Ensure That an Awardee of the All of Us Research Program Had Adequate Cybersecurity Controls To Protect Participants' Sensitive Data Audit (A-18-17-09304)
Weill Cornell Medicine Monitored Subrecipients and Claimed Allowable National Institutes of Health Award Costs (A-02-17-02006)
Opportunities Exist for the National Institutes of Health To Strengthen Controls in Place To Permit and Monitor Access to Its Sensitive Data (A-18-18-09350)


The National Institutes of Health Generally Complied With Federal Requirements for the Preparation and Receipt of Select Agent Shipments (A-03-15-00354)
Northwestern University Did Not Always Comply With Federal Requirements To Perform Risk Assessments of Subrecipients, but Claimed Allowable Costs (A-05-17-00016)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham Overstated Chilled Water Costs in Its Facilities and Administrative Cost Proposal Audit (A-04-14-00095)
The National Institutes of Health, Division of Financial Advisory Services Did Not Always Establish Final Indirect Cost Rates in Accordance With Federal Requirements (A-04-17-04059)
The National Institutes of Health Did Not Always Administer Superfund Appropriations During Fiscal Year 2015 in Accordance With Federal Requirements (A-04-16-04046)
Independent Attestation Review: National Institutes of Health Fiscal Year 2017 Detailed Accounting Submissions and Performance Summary Report for National Drug Control Activities and Accompanying Required Assertions (A-03-18-00352)